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Resin casting

You need quality, reliability, consistency and total control over your resin casting process. Period.

That's exactly what you get from an Evolution RotaCaster.

Welcome to the home of Evolution RotaCasters: the premier rotational moulding machines for professionals and light users alike.

What is a Rotacaster ?
It's a machine to enable the casting of hollow forms. Cold liquid casting materials are poured into a hollow mould and rotated simultaneously in two directions. The resulting cast can be left hollow, cut open to form 'shells', or back-filled to create solid products. It's referred to as rotocasting, rotational moulding or, when done by hand, slush casting. Unlike rotomoulding, the process doesn't involve heated moulds, so it's a much more cost-effective and flexible day to day technology.

Finance is available on selected machines, please call for details and options etc.

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Rotational casting

To be the best, you need to choose the very best and that is just what an Evolution 'caster from Rotacaster UK offers you. We can provide you with a machine to suit every application, whether you are casting replica birds' eggs, sculptures, pre-production prototypes, or something as large as the body shell for a kit car.

You can choose from a standard range machine or, if they're not quite perfect for your needs, have a custom machine built: a one-off, just for you.

Bespoke casting machines are something of a speciality here. We have a proven track record in giving our customers exactly what they want and need for their casting processes without breaking the bank.

Back that up with skilled and approachable technical support and great after-sales care, and it's hard to see how you can get any better than an Evolution RotaCaster.

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Silicon casting and moulding

If you would like more flexibility in your workspace, our rotacasters are so perfectly balanced that you can have your new machine factory fitted with omnidirectional castor wheels. Move it out of the way when it's not in use or roll it to somewhere more convenient to work. Then simply plug it into a standard 13amp power socket and start casting.

You have lots of choices of casting materials that work well with Evolution RotaCasters. Amongst others, you could try urethane rubbers and plastics, polyester resins, synthetic rubbers, art and synthetic gypsum, chopped stranded materials and even metallised gel coats, top name but a few.

Whatever finish you need, whatever size of mould, and whatever speed you need to run it at, RotaCasterUK has just the right machine to suit your needs.

The choices are all up to you.